Fire Leaves Couple Homeless 

When Daniel Valenzuela and his fiance Tracy left for work this morning, everything seemed ok.”It was fine. I left the dogs, put them in their cages.”However, just hours later he rushed back to find his home gutted by a fire.”We lost our pets, you know, our two dogs. We loved them more than anything.”They came home shortly after a neighbor walking by noticed smoke and called 911. When fire departments arrived it was already well underway. “There were flames coming out along the top of the building. A lot of smoke out of the back,” said Alton Fire Chief, Jim Feero.”It’s totaled. The house is totally gone at this time.” It was the house that the couple planned their future in.”I mean I loved this home. She loved this home. We worked hard to make this a place to live,” said Valenzuela. Instead, they had to stand by with neighbors and watch it fall apart. “We all are kind of like a big family,” said one neighbor.”We’ll all chip in, we’ll all help out. Help her along the way. This time of season, especially.” It’s with that support the couple remains optimistic.”We’ll have to rebuild.”And they won’t be doing it alone.