Waterville Braves the Storm 

With the first storm of the year come accidents.There were numerous fender-benders in Central Maine today due to weather conditions.But road crews have been out cleaning up all day to make the commute home safer.Public works crews in the Elm City have been out clearing the roads and sidewalks, things are looking good right now.With any storm though, allow yourself extra time to get to where you’re headed.The City of Waterville has been prepping for this weather for months.To give you an idea of how much ground they have to cover there are 354 streets in Waterville that need to be cleared.Turner has about twenty workers and 15 plows.It’s always good to have salt during a storm like this one. About 120 tons of it was ordered for this. officials say 100 tons were used.There were a couple minor breaks with hoses and chains, nothing major though according to Turner.There is a parking ban in effect here in Waterville – there is no overnight parking now until April 30th. If your car is towed, officials say it’s an automatic $10 parking ticket and then you’ll have to deal with towing costs that can range from $65 to $85 dollars.