Wreaths Across America 

Stacks of holiday wreaths filled every crate and counter top of the Worcester Wreath Company.It’s a picture that is almost twenty years in the making. “It was relatively obscure people didn’t know much about it.”Karen Worcester and her husband Morrill had wreaths left over from a holiday season. Instead of throwing them out, a childhood memory inspired an honorable cause.”He remembered being in Arlington as young boy, he won a trip there as a paper boy, and he decided he was going to try and get those wreaths placed there.”WIth the help of some volunteers and donations, Morrill made it down to Arlington National Cemetery to lay wreaths on the graves of five thousand fallen soldiers. They continued their tradition for years, but it wasn’t until 2005 that it exploded on a national level.”Right after the wreaths were laid there was a little bit of snow, and a Pentagon photographer took a picture and put it on the internet and it went viral.”Wreaths across america now has over one-hundred thousand volunteers nationwide. It’s because of them that twenty-five thousand wreaths will make it to Arlington, this year .”We’ve got people from the left and the right and the middle that are just saying thank you”People like Mary Byers and Molly Morel whose sons were killed in Iraq in 2003 and 2004. They came all the way from Tennessee just to be a part of the convoy carrying wreaths from Harrington.”One of the main dreads we have since we got the news of our sons death is that they will someday be forgotten,” said Byers.However, that fear can be replaced with a holiday tradition that will always remember them.