Town Offers Free Land In Campden To Boost Job Growth 

The town of Camden, like other communities, wants to put more people to work and boost the local economy. So town leaders are offering potential business owners quite a deal a plot of land just five blocks from the scenic downtown for less than pennies on the dollar.Town officials and residents of Camden have been trying to come up with a way to help bring more year round jobs to their area. Alan Hinsey is the Director of the Knox/Waldo Economic Regional Development Council. He says there’s been a void of those jobs for quite some time in this area. “Back in the late 90’s MBNA was here” he says. “And in its heyday they had 500 workers coming in every day to downtown Camden working working. well they’re gone now.”To try and fill that void the town is offering this 3.5 acre lot at a potentially unbeatable price: absolutely free. Of course, as Hinsey explains, there is a catch. “What they have to do is create at least 24 jobs based on a list of acceptable businesses that Camden folks would like to have here,” He explains. “If they do that, those 24 jobs in a five year period, they’ll get a rebate of the full purchase price of the land.”That price is around $200,000. Those jobs need to have a salary and benefit package that adds up to at least $40,000 annually. Those terms were drafted and approved by Camden residents at a town meeting. The property, which was formerly a tannery back in the 60’s, is clean and comes with 3-phase power, water, and has parking space for up to 300. The complete list of guidelines is available at their website officials say they’ve already received dozens of calls from businesses interested in cashing in on this rare opportunity and other downtown businesses are behind the project 100 percent. Dan Bookham is the Executive Director of the Camden/Rockport/Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce. “I think everyone’s for us as a community to get in a nice new neighbor,” he says. “Someone who’s going to bring in employees and take over this site and keep it viable and active for the citizens of Camden.”