The Story Behind the Christmas Tree in West Market Square 

For one local family, the lighting of the Christmas Tree in downtown Bangor will hold a special sentiment.As Meghan Hayward tells us, they watched the tree grow and are now letting everyone else enjoy its beauty.” Right over here is where we planted the tree with our girls when they were really little.”Linda Murphy and her husband Joe watched the tree grow over the past 25 years.It came from Linda’s father-in-law’s farm.” It seems like it grew slowly and then all of a sudden it was huge. When it got huge it became a problem because it was in the way.”But the tree meant so much to them they didn’t want to cut it down.A friend suggested they donated it to the city of Bangor, and they did.Crews from Sprague’s Nursery came and cut the tree down and put it in West Market Square.” It’s really exciting because my father-in-law over the years he would come and sit on the back deck and he’d say to my husband, Joe you really need to put lights on that tree.”Now, the tree will be lit up for everyone who visits downtown Bangor to see.And even though her father-in-law has passed, Linda says he would be pleased.” He’d be smiling. He’d be very happy. He was a very generous man. He was a farmer. He grew a lot of potatoes and squash and crops and he would donate to needy families so he would be very happy that everyone could enjoy it.”Santa will officially light the tree Saturday, following the annual Festival of Lights Parade.It’s a moment the Murphys won’t miss.” Oh I think it’s going to be really surprising. I think we’re all going to be amazed to see it. I drove by and it looks even bigger in the square then it did in the yard.”