Students Campout to Register for Classes 

535 students are enrolled at Beal College in Bangor, 50% of them, are in Allied Health programs, which means space is limited in certain courses.So some students decided camping out was the only way they’d have a shot at getting into the classes they need. “We have this really cool little burning fire thing, a little grill that someone brought and our coats and our blankets and our pillows. We had tea going,” said Jessie Hart with a laugh.Hart and Jennifer Bolshaw arrived outside Beal College on Thursday afternoon, registration didn’t start until 9 the next morning.”I’m here to make sure that I get into the lab that I need to get into because there are a limited number of spots and if you don’t get into those spots then you get pushed further back,” said Bolshaw.Hart agrees, ” I’m here cuz I only have one Gen Ed class left that I have to take and it’s a computer class so the computers are limited so I have to get into it or I don’t graduate in time.”Staff opened the doors for students at 6:30 in the morning because it was so cold outside.They say the campout is just another sign that enrollment has really grown at the college.”We’re doing really well. We’ve got great students that are excited about registering for classes and want to get into the ones they want,” said Debbie Crockett, Director of Education at Beal College.”I’m glad the school is growing. I’m glad that Beal is getting the attention but it’s hard for the students that are already here and want to make sure that they graduate on time and get through their courses,” added Bolshaw.Bolshaw and Hart, like many other students, have personal reasons they need to get into specific courses.For Hart, it’s her children,”I have two kids at home, I have to get it done and get it done at the right time and I can only take certain classes at certain times cuz I have to be home during the day with the boys.”For Bolshaw, it’s the travel time, “I’m traveling 50 miles one way just to get here, so for me it’s 100 miles round trip to get here and get back home so I try to get my classes so they’re not late at night.”Students hope the school will change the way registration is done, so that campouts can become a thing of the past. ” It’s not something that can be done overnight. We’re looking at a variety of things like perhaps online registration. Perhaps, doing layered registration so that students who are in their second year would be registered first. Those kinds of things,” said Crockett.