Red Cross Office Settles into Downtown Bangor Location 

For years the Pine Tree Chapter of the American Red Cross has been front and center, helping local people recover from disasters. But the office has been far less visible, tucked away on a side street in Bangor.That’s now changed with a move downtown. Just three weeks after the move, staff members are still getting settled into their new home, but Executive Director Erin Merrill say they’re excited to welcome visitors. “We’re able to better service our clients because we’re more accessible and we’re really able to have a presence in the downtown community of Bangor.”The new office on Hammond Street is in building owned by Penobscot County. It’s right next to another new tenant, the Post Office.The Red Cross worked with County Commissioners to lease the space, which is double the size of the previous place on Mildred Avenue. “The space finally gets all the staff in one location. We’re able to have a conference room that allows us to have health and safety classes here. We’re really able to get the community to come in and hang out with us and see what we do.”Which ranges from helping fire victims to training volunteers to respond disasters – all things Merrill says the Red Cross will be able to do even better in a new location. “We finally have a space that we’re proud of and we want to have the community come in and look at and feel comfortable to walk in and find out what the Red Cross is doing and how they can help.”The Red Cross is inviting the public to an open house next month. It’s set for January 5th, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.