Pool Players Aim to Break World Record 

They aim to beat a world record – one ball at a time. Steve Reynolds and Gareth Steele are making a run at the longest pool marathon in history. The current record is 72-hours. The two are playing at TJ’s Billiard’s in Waterville and have been since 10a.m. Wednesday. Reynolds owns the pool hall, but it was Steele’s idea to shoot for the record. Friday they beat (unofficially) the longest “singles” pool marathon, which was set by a pair from North Carolina in 2008. If Reynolds and Steele can keep going until Saturday morning at 10a.m., they’ll set a new record for longest pool marathon. “I’m really tired. I’ve never done anything like this. There’s no way to practice for it other than to see if you can tough it out. I’m excited now because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Reynolds says. Gareth admits it’s been an odd experience. “Last night was a bit hairy. Things were starting to look a bit strange. Things were tilting up and down and backwards and forwards even on the pool table and actually it was quite enjoyable,” he laughs.The pair gets one five minute break each hour to use the bathroom. They’re also allowed to eat when it’s not their turn. While it may be fun and games the pair is also raising money for a cause. All donations during the attempt will be donated to the Billiard Education Foundation. For more on how to help them out and to watch – the marathon is being streamed online at