Warren Town Officials May Listen To People On Methodone Clinic 

A plan to turn an old school in Warren into a methadone clinic has upset a lot of folks there. Some residents are so angry, they’ve started a petition to oust the town manager. But town officials may be having a change of heart.Bob Emery, who owns several businesses in Warren, has reached an agreement with the town to buy the old elementary school. His plan to turn the old brick school into a methadone clinic has some residents more than upset. “I was shocked,” says Paula Sutton, a warren resident. “I was shocked to hear they were going to do it here.”Other Warren residents, like Glenda Dickinson, agree. “All I know, it’s an inappropriate place to put a methadone clinic because of its location.” The location is in a drug free zone right next to a church, several residences, and a cemetery. But not all residents have a problem with the location of the proposed clinic. “Doesn’t bother me one bit,” says Warren resident David Collins. “I believe anyone who has a problem has to have the means of being able to resolve that problem.” Town manager Grant Watmough has come under fire over the proposal. Two petitions are circulating through town. One is aimed at stopping the proposed methadone clinic, the other is calling on selectmen to fire the town manager. Paula Sutton says she signed the first one, but she’s hesitant to sign the second. “I think my opinion at this point is he deserves the benefit of the doubt and I don’t have the facts to say I need his job right now,” she says.Now town officals seem to be back tracking a bit. According to Watmough, town officials have heard the will of the people and are having second thoughts about allowing the methodone clinic. Watmough says they will revisit the approval of the sale of the old school in light of new information. He adds that after listening to the will of the people, the town is now moving in the direction of not allowing it. For now, folks here are ready to fight to keep a methodone clinic out of Warren. “The majority of the people it seems don’t want it,” says Glenda Dickinson. “And it seems like they ought to listen to the people. It’s our town.”