Super Stars Visit Local Students 

These kids are cheering about more than just a break from class.Students at Hancock Elementary were paid a visit by a couple of super stars.Harlem Super Stars, to be exact.”They made us laugh and did funny stuff,” said one student. He may be referring to when they forced teachers to play a game of catch. Whenever they dropped the ball, students made sure they knew it with screams of, “You are out!” These players are just two out of a team of six that plays and entertains all throughout new england.They come with fancy tricks and funny jokes, but off the court, they have some important goals.”If we can come in and be a role model to these kids, it’s just a great thing,” said teammate, Mark Jones. “We also try to portray a good image, and really send a good message.”Most students seemed to get it. “Well I learned to respect my teachers, say no to drugs and also just to have fun.”Sounds like a slam dunk.