Marcus Davis Back in the Ring to Prepare for January Fight 

Marcus Davis is 38 years old and still very good in a young mans game. On January 1st, he’ll fight in another UFC match. As Tim Throckmorton tells us, this time out, it will be a fresh and smaller Marcus Davis.”I’m healthy for the first time in a couple of years a lot of problems a new doctor Gary Ross thanks he fixed me right up things are going real good.”He also has a healthy relationship with Mark Dellagrotte. His trainer in Boston has come to Bangor this week to work him out.”I think there is plenty of fight left in Marcus Davis I think this is a rebirth for him at 155 pounds.”Davis has weighed 170 for his 15 other UFC fights. So its a new beginning both physically and mentally.”And people have lost the true corps values of martial arts and thats loyalty, respect, trust and I have these qualities and marcus does too and that keeps our relationship so strong.”And the new focus of Team Irish is that vocation is not the only motivation.”For a little while the last year of two I’ve been thinking this is my job and I was a fighter. And now I’m back to feeling healthy and when you’re healthy you’re hungry I can do this I can hang with these guys you wanna perform you’re back in love with the sport I’m back to loving my job.”