Maine Veterans Ask for DADT Repeal 

Several Maine veterans are again calling on Maine’s U.S. Senators to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.Army and Navy veterans spoke out Thursday at the Senate Armed Services Committee’s Hearing on the policy.Don’t ask, don’t tell has been in place since 1993.Armed Services Committee Member Senator Susan Collins supports letting homosexuals serve openly in the military. And she feels there’s still time to consider a bill before congress which includes a repeal of the current policy.Shenna Bellos, MCLU: “Either Senator, Collins or Snowe, could cast the deciding vote to end discrimination. If neither of them vote to end discrimination and no other republican joins the democrats there will be no closure. These amendments will fail.”Senator Olympia Snowe’s Office says she’s studying a Pentagon Report released this week and wants to hear what military leaders have to say before the committee.