Mobilize Maine 

North met east Wednesday in Bangor.Folks who belong to the organization Mobilize Maine, some from northern Maine, others from the bangor region, got together to compare notes.Their goal is to share ideas that help each other move forward financially.Meghan Hayward reports.”We’re really thrilled to be taking the northern half of the state and coming together to learn how the process has been working in northern Maine. And for the folks from northern Maine to learn how the process has been working here in the greater Bangor region.”The goal of Mobilize Maine is to take individualized communities and regions and give them the opportunity and skills they need to advance economically.”We’ve seen some great results with our strategic initiatives committee and we’re really thrilled that the private, public and government organizations have all been working together to really move our region forward.”Elizabeth Sutherland is on the leadership team for the greater Bangor area.She says they’ve looked at the region’s assets to see what they can expand on.”Biomedical, research and technology, some of the opportunities in manufacturing. All of these are things we know we do well and can do well and we want the rest of the world to know as well.”Chris Anderson is board chairman of the Aroostook Partnership for Progress.He says usually when it comes to economic development, it’s difficult to get the whole community onboard. He sees this process as a big push in the right direction.”Bringing the industry sectors together. Bringing the people within those, the private sector people within those. So they can collaborate better, come up with new ideas and opportunities together.”Anderson says the eastern Maine sector has been on a different path than the north.”So I want to see what different outcomes came from that and maybe it’s something we can take back.”Both sectors agree more people need to get involved in Mobilize Maine and work to meet their visions.”We can’t wait for somebody to come in and do it for us.”