Missionaries in Charleston Plan To Visit Haiti 

On January 12th, the island of Haiti was forever changed after a magnitude seven earthquake devastated the region.A group of missionaries in Charleston are returning to the area to help relief efforts.”Driving through the streets, it was crazy, it looked like it had just happened,” said Elisha Parker.Elisha couldn’t believe it had been six months since the quake hit when she and her husband Matt visited the island during a mission’s trip this past June.The Charleston Pentecostal Church has been connected to a missionary in Haiti. During the aftermath of the earthquake, they were given the opportunity to help with a feeding program, school and clinics.”The city is literally being cleaned up by shovels, wheel barrows, things to that effect,” Elisha said.It’s a trip they’ll never forget. Now the couple along with five others are returning to Haiti to continue relief efforts. The group will arrive in January, marking the year anniversary of the disaster.”We want to tell them that they’re not forgotten that we’re not going to be back and that we’re going to provide them with hope.”This will be Kara Volsine’s first missions trip, she’s excited for the opportunity to not only change lives, but have her life changed as well.”I’ve gotten so much hope lately, and so much happiness I just want to be able to give them a glimpse of that, a feeling of that,” she said.The group plans on collecting monetary donations from their church and community and will also collect gifts to be given on Three Kings Day.”As parents we want to give our kids everything, these parents, their kids won’t get a Christmas, it’s not just about the gift, it’s about a hope,” she said.A hope they plan to restore.