Maine High School Football Begins Looking at New Classifications 

The process of setting up the next two year cycle for high school football in the state starts tomorrow. The athletic directors of the schools will gather together. The football committee will make recommendations to the classification committee. From there we will know which schools will play in what class for the next two years.Mt. Blue looks to be one of the schools ready to change. Declining enrollments in many schools has meant dropping in class for many in Eastern Maine. Mt. Blue has 741 students. That’s well below the current Class “A” cutoff of about 800 students. Along with Mt. Blue, Brewer looks to going back to class ‘B’ as well.Another change could be Winslow, a long time class ‘B’ power, dropping to Class ‘C’. The low end for enrollment in class B is 543 students. Winslow now has 471. Certainly class ‘C’ size.The Old Town program had been moved down to class ‘C’ for competitive balance. The were not elligible for the playoffs there. They now seem ready to challenge again in class ‘B’.And Lawrence, which could also play in Class ‘B’ based on enrollment, will likely petition up again to stay in Class ‘A’. We’ll likely find out how this all shakes out some time in the spring.