Local Volleyball Coaches Pushing For More HS Volleyball Programs 

About five years ago there were 12 varsity volleyball teams in the state. now there are 20. Downeast has a cluster of teams as does Southern Maine and down south there is a youth program called Maine Junior Olympic Volleyball that some are trying to bring to Eastern Maine. Quite a few of the small college players in maine have been coming from the pockets of Maine high school volleyball. MDI varsity coach Todd Brophy is in a group that wants to expose the sport to more middle school and high school athletes. This Sunday there will be open tryouts at UMaine’s Rec Center for several age group youth teams.Todd Brophy – MDI Volleyball Head Coach”So there’s been a lot of growth, there’s a lot of schools thinking about it theres just dipping their toes in the pool right now. I think something like this, especially in this area there’s a lot of schools up here that I’ve talked to think about it but they just need some personal pushing and maybe these kids get interested now can get their parents in the office of some A-D’s and get it going.”