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Bangor Welcomes Christmas Tree 

All hands were on deck for Bangor’s Christmas tradition.”Right now we have one, two, three, four. Four electricians here today.”Workers, along with the help of a crane, took part in some heavy holiday lifting. Downtown Bangor welcomed its Christmas tree to West Market Square. “It takes quite a procedure to put this thing in the air.”Crews spent all morning just getting the 30-foot Balsam Fir into place. Despite all the hard work required, no one seems to mind contributing to the tradition. “It’s not like work. You’re doing something a lot of people are going to go drive by and look at.”For the last 25-years, Dan Sprague has donated a Christmas tree to the city.It’s a gift he feels will help the community even after the holidays are over.”It gets people downtown, and you know our downtown is a vital part of the community and it needs our support.” With the Tree is in place the next step is hanging thousands of holiday lights to get ready for Saturday.”It’s a tradition people look forward to. You know, Santa lights the tree at the end of the holiday parade. It’s just really a magical moment down here.”Come Saturday, it’s a moment everyone can enjoy.