Trees for Troops 

This can be a tough time for families with a loved one serving overseas.No one knows that better than veterans.That’s why members of the American Legion in Dixmont spent time Monday morning filling up a Fedex truck.Joy Hollowell tells us about the Trees for Troops program.=========It will be a Merry Christmas for military families at Fort Knox, Kentucky. This Fedex truck is getting filled with Christmas trees. They’ll be shipped to the base, and handed out to folks in need.”Oh, they’re from all over the state, and people bring them here,” says Jim Corliss.Here, is Piper Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Newburgh. Jim Corliss is the owner. He’s also a member of American Legion Post 201 in Dixmont. Five years ago, Jim approached members about the Trees for Troops program.”And we jumped on it,” said Jim York, Commander of American Legion Post 201.The nationwide project teams up Fedex with Christmas tree growers, in an effort to make sure the families of troops serving overseas, are taken care of during the holidays.”I know when I was in the service, and we were deployed for whatever we were doing, there was nobody to take care of our families,” said York. “This at least, makes us feel like somebody is taking care of our families.”A total of 300 trees will be coming from Maine, along with 3,000 hand made ornaments, courtesy of the Women of the Maine Christmas Tree Association.”We just decided that it was something, a tree’s a tree, maybe some people don’t have any ornaments,” says Norma Corliss, a member of the Women of the Maine Christmas Tree Association.”I think the public as a rule, in general, appreciates what our service people do,” says Jim Corliss. “And we’re in the unique position of being able to show that in a really nice way. We consider ourselves privileged to be able to do that.”+++++If you’d like more information on the Trees for Troops program, you can log onto