Shopping Craze Hits the Web 

They’re just a click away.”The list price on this game normally would be thirty dollars, and it says that you get deals for as low as fifteen.”All the best holiday sales are online for one day, Cyber Monday. “It’s just easier. You can do it from the comfort of a dorm room, a house, or anywhere,” said UMaine student, John Mannino.It’s considered the web version of Black Friday. Twenty-four hours of delivery deals, discounts and other promotions. This year, more than one-hundred million shoppers are expected to log on for it. “I like the fact that you don’t have to stand in line and it gets shipped right to you for free.”These students are no exception. They actually took advantage of both black friday and cyber monday sales.They say skipping the line isn’t always the best deal.”You never know if things are going to get like back ordered.”Back ordered or not, is it really a deal? A lot of these sales are no better than others throughout the year.”You kind of have to get on there and really know your prices and know your merchandise. Then, get on and see if they really do have some deals.”Nory jones is a Professor at the University of Maine who studies online shopping trends. According to her, Cyber Monday targets the young shopper.”As we say, the digital natives. You know, people who have grown up with this and this is how they live. They shop online. They do everything online.”It seems to be working. Most buyers have the same plans for next year.”Oh, definitely. Both days probably next year. Yeah, definitely.”