Boardwalk Closes for the Season 

It’s a sign that winter is officially here.”I saw that today was the last day here, so I wanted to get one last chance to get out here.” Earle Taylor and a friend took their kids for one last stroll of the season on the Orono bog walk before it closed for the winter.”Nice to let them go out and around and get some energy out especially when all the playgrounds are snow covered,” said Bangor resident, Patrick Davis. They won’t get a chance to do it again until May. The walk shuts down during the snowy months to protect both residents and the boardwalk.”We close it because it’s sort of dangerous for skiers tips getting caught. Also, the cleats on snow shoes and tips on ski poles sort of damage the boardwalk,” said the Walk’s Director, Jim Bird.In the past, skiers have used the walk even after it closed. Volunteers just hope that everyone remains respectful of the property.” A lot of work, a lot of volunteer hours went into keeping it up. I think we’ve put in somewhere around 1,600 to 1,700 volunteer hours this season, so it’d be good to just respect that.”Which local residents seem to appreciate. They’re just looking forward to what comes once the snow melts away.”We’ll be probably back out opening day for another walk.”A sign that spring has arrived.