Camden Resident Turned Author Meets Readers in Augusta 

A local author is turning heads and pages with the release of her first book. “I’ve written all my life since I was very young, but I never really thought I could make an income at it,” said author S. Carol Crovo.These days, Crovo is doing just that. With the release of her first book, More than Goodbye, her dream of becoming a published author is now a reality.”It’s been an amazing journey to see a thought come to the written word and have it in a book.”Crovo is a resident of Camden.Her book, More than Goodbye, tells the story of Jane, a woman who is given the chance to live her life again, not to change the past but to be with her loved ones again.People from Maine will feel a special connection when they read the book, the main character moves to the state.”Probably just the feel of it, the feel of Maine, the lighthouses, the shoreline, you know the more relaxed lifestyle.”Crovo got to meet readers during a book signing in Augusta. Meeting readers in a personal setting has become her favorite part of being an author.Jennifer Eisenhardt purchased novel. She says meeting an author adds something extra to the reading experience.”Meeting her, knowing where the vision came from you can kind of picture it better,” she said.With the completion of her first book, Crovo is excited to begin penning the next one. And maybe one day achieve the same fame as that other maine author, Stephen King.”I would love that,” she exclaimed.If you’d like more information on S. Carol Crovo or to purchase the book, you can log onto