Shoppers Crowd Stores On Black Friday 

Shopping die hards stormed retailers on the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday.Customers camped out and packed stores to get their hands on this season’s hottest deals.Bargain shoppers braved the cold temperatures on Black Friday, kicking off the holiday season.Some camped out, waiting in line for more than 10 hours, while others woke up early and headed to the stores for the season’s must haves.Tyler Dama, a veteran Black Friday shopper, arrived at Target at 230 on thursday afternoon to ensure his first place spot in line. “I stayed in the car for about two hours and then we decided to sit out”The store opened at 5 am.”it’s fun that’s about it and you get great deals.”David Scott, the manager of Target says he and his staff prepare three months in advance to make sure shoppers have a pleasant experience, but say safety is a top priority.”We review last year’s crowd control plan, we have an interior an exterior crowd control plan and then we always make adjustments on what went well and what didn’t go well.”The stores aren’t the only ones with plans.Mary McAvoy calls Black Friday shopping a holiday tradition. Each year, she rounds up relatives and then they hit the stores. “Usually we bring somebody with us that will stand in line and they’ll go if we want two items in the store we’ll send one fighting off some place else”Whether you have a plan or not, the chaos of the shopping phenomenom is just another sign that the holidays are here.