Black Friday in Downtown Bangor 

Epic Sports in downtown Bangor opened its doors at 6a.m. on Black Friday.”We had a customer right there at the door ready to come in and shop,” said Brad Ryder, owner of Epic Sports.Ryder says it’s nice to see so many people shopping locally, ” We’re doing a 25% off the entire store, so in stock merchandize.”Good buys can be found all weekend long at the Grasshopper Shop. It’s 25% off all clothing.” It’s independent stores, so you’re not going to be buying something that 20-million people have bought all over the country,” said Rick Schweikert, co-owner of the Grasshopper Shop.At Bella Luna, everything in the store is 25% off all weekend, including sale items.” Nobody is going to get trampled, nobody is going to be fought for a certain item. So it’s a very relaxed, quiet atmosphere,” said Heather Van Frankenhuyzen, owner of Bella Luna.Over at Central Street Farmhouse the owners put their own spin on Black Friday, which means prices on everything black in the store are slashed 15 to 25%.(ZETH LUNDY-OWNER 08:21:45:23) “Wine kits in black boxes and black diapers and black t-shirts and keg fittings that are black. Anything that is black is on sale,” said Zeth Lundy, owner of Central Street Farmhouse.Customers weren’t lined up at 2 o’clock in the morning to storm the downtown Bangor businesses on Black Friday, but it was because they didn’t have to, and owners say, they think shoppers like that fact. “I think customers appreciated not having to wait in line. They get that same great customer service right here and some good buys,” said Ryder.