American Red Cross Hero 2010- Kameron Seger 

Lisa Hamel admits she may spoil 11-year old Kameron Seger a bit more than her other three kids.But with good reason.This past spring, Kameron saved him mom’s life.Joy Hollowell introduces us to another 2010 American Red Cross Hero.=======Last Memorial Day, 11-year old Kameron Seger was at home with his mom, Lisa Hamel. The Glenburn mom hadn’t been feeling well, and was concerned she might pass out.”I had written some numbers on a tablet for him,” said Hamel. “And I said, if anything happens, to call these numbers.”Later that night, Lisa’s symptoms grew worse.”I remember feeling very clammy, my heart was racing,” says Hamel. “I got to the top of the stairs and I went to call out his name and nothing would come out. And I started seeing spots and then everything went black.””Well, I heard a bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and my mom was falling down the stairs,” says Kameron Seger. “And I just looked up and was like, ‘Mom?’ And I walked over, and she was out cold.”Kameron remembered his mom’s instructions and started dialing the numbers on the notepad.”I called my grandfather and he didn’t answer at all, and Nana didn’t either, so I called 911,” said Seger.Erin Coombs took the call that night at the Penobscot Regional Communications Center.”I didn’t really think it was serious,” says Coombs. “I thought that it was just going to be a fall like oops I twisted my ankle call. And then a few questions in, I realized that she was unconscious, that she was still on the stairs.”Erin told Kameron he’d have to get his mom off the stairs and onto a flat surface. The 11-year old managed to do that. Then Erin coached him on how to do CPR.”I blew in her mouth and pumped on her chest. Probably five times,” said Seger.”He was really calm,” said Coombs. “He would kind of break down a little bit here and there, but just a little tiny bit of reassurance and he would get right back in line and do what I asked him to do.”Kameron has a different take on the call.”Oh, I panicked,” admitted Seger.After what seems like forever to Kameron Seger, his mom finally opened her eyes. “It sounded like she asked who was coming because I think she thought he had called his grandparents,” said Coombs. “So he said, Nnope mom, I couldn’t reach them, I called 911.’ And at that point, I just wanted to make sure that he knew that it was a good thing that he did that.”Soon after, the ambulance arrived and Lisa was taken to the hospital. There, doctors discovered that she had Vasovagal Syncope, which can cause someone to faint. It wasn’t until several days later that Lisa learned what her son had done.”It was a surreal moment,” said Hamel, tearing up at the memory. “I just hugged him and I cried and I thought how scary it must have been for him. Nobody wants their child to go through that.””He couldn’t have listened better,” said Coombs, “and he couldn’t have followed instructions better than he did. Definitely one of the best 911 calls I’ve talked people through with.””It’s something that I think about every day,” said Hamel. “I look at him as my hero.”=======Kameron Seger was presented with an American Red Cross Hero award at a breakfast in Bangor in November.At that awards ceremony, he and his mom also met dispatcher Erin Coombs for the first time in person.