Union Street Athletics Hosts Two Fundraisers 

Some folks in Bangor were burning calories and sweating all for a good cause this Thanksgiving.Meghan Hayward has the story.” We’re hosting a fundraiser for two different benefits. The first is Movember which is to raise awareness for men’s health issues and the second is everyone’s bringing in food and we’re going to bring it over to Manna.”Union Street Athletics Owner, Sherry Haller says it’s important to think of others this time of year.” Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what we have and feeling blessed, which we all do. We have a dedicated group of cyclists here, we love to ride. It’s a ton of fun.”So folks paid 10-dollars and hopped on a bike, starting their Thanksgiving off with some calorie credits.Haller says her gym members are very kind.” It’s just very heart warming. It’s wonderful. Whenever we host any kind of fundraiser over the holidays. We always adopt a couple of families and the members are just great. They’re very generous, just wonderful people. We’re very blessed and today’s a great day to say thank you.”” We’ve had 24 bikes fill up and there’s people waiting to try and get in so it’s been pretty good, they like it a lot.”Everyone at the gym agrees they’re doing something great.” Everybody is hurting for something. So if we can help some people out with some food and make sure people’s bellies are full on a cold Thanksgiving Day it makes us feel a lot better.”