Manna Holds Annual Thanksgiving Dinner 

”I’m thankful for home and food and shelter,” said Leila Dadids. Not everyone has those three things, but on Thanksgiving in Bangor, everyone has the chance to be thankful for home, food and shelter thanks to Manna Ministries and the community.”That’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Is to help people. Is to sit with your neighbors and have a meal together,” said Bill Rae, executive director of Manna. Folks were served turkey dinner with all the fixings and plenty of pie for dessert. “It feels so good to help everybody that’s here. They’re so thankful and I’m so thankful to have a community like this,” said Brooke Staton, a volunteer.Morgan Lagasse agrees, “I’ve been doing, serving pies and other things and I’m very happy to help.”The turnout was greater this year than last. Bill Rae says he loves watching the community get together and be thankful. “Different groups, different churches, different youth groups, different ethnic groups all coming together to do one thing and that’s to serve the hungry and serve our neighbors here in Bangor.”With the community’s continues support Manna’s Thanksgiving meal will be back next year, and so will the volunteers who say this event is the best part of the holiday.”I had the most fun in my life, I want to do it again,” said Lagasse.