Hassle Free Holiday 

As you run around the kitchen getting ready for the holidays, many of you may just be thankful that Thanksgiving is almost over.”Very hectic. Very long day.”That’s how the holiday used to be for Patricia Payson. This year, she and her sister dined out instead.”Tastes just like home. It really does. It’s awesome.” It’s also hassle free. That’s the main reason most people were at the Muddy Rudder in Brewer. “We’ve had some dinners at Mom’s, but it’s easier just to come here and have someone else clean up the mess.”Muddy Rudder’s filled reservation book is just an example of what seems to be a growing thanksgiving trend. A study done by the National Restaurant Association shows that more than 1 out of 10 people will eat out for the holiday. “I think nowadays both spouses work and they don’t have time to cook and bake and do all the festivities. So, that’s why they come here,” said Banquet Manager, Cindy Benson.The restaurant prepared for 1,200 people who had reservations, and any potential walk-ins. The Executive Chef, Dave Smith, and his crew were in early this morning cooking up the feast. “I was here at three o’clock this morning putting the turkeys in the oven. Of course, you know, I really got a great bunch of guy’s over here that really make me look good.”All their hard work behind the scenes paid off, as customers really only had to worry about one thing.”Go home and watch football.”Sounds like a day that anyone would be grateful for.