A Community Comes Together on Thanksgiving 

The potatoes are just a piece of the pie being served up at Messalonskee High School in Oakland this Thanksgiving. All the fixings for a holiday feast have been cooked by volunteers. Many, spent hours prepping food to ensure those who live in Oakland and surrounding towns didn’t go without a hot meal. Overall, more than fifty people donated their time to give to others Thursday.The dinner was started twenty-years ago at the school through the generosity of Oakland native Bud King. “The first year I think we had 50-60 people. Now they are serving 8-900 people,” he says. King, who would rather not be in the limelight says it’s not about him. He’s proud of the fact that the annual dinner has become tradition with many area families. “The schools involved, the kids are involved, the Lion’s Club, the Girl Scouts. It isn’t Bud’s anymore it’s Messalonskee’s, it’s Oakland’s,” he says. Nine-year-old Angel Martincic says helping others makes being at school during vacation worthwhile. “It makes me feel good inside,” Martincic says. This is the second year her family has served at the school on Thanksgiving. Every year Mike Marston is impressed with the way folks pull together to make the meal a success. “We’re flooded with volunteers. It’s nice to see on Thanksgiving people wanting to give back,” he says. But sometimes it’s not just the food folks gather at Messalonskee for. “I enjoy the food, but to be honest with you I enjoy just being here with people,” says Laura Rockwell who is from Waterville enjoying the dinner with friends. The serving started at 11am. By the time it was over at 1pm nearly one-thousand meals were served, which included home deliveries.