Thanksgiving Pie Craze 

Tis’ the season for baking.”We’re just running around. Running around doing what needs to be done, and working about three times, four times as fast as regular,” said Paul McCann, of Frank’s Bakery in Bangor.It’s the pace the bakery needs to keep for their holiday pie demand. In the last week, they’ve cooked up almost two-thousand desserts for Thanksgiving orders. “We can get through these holidays because we’re well organized,” said Co-Owner, Theresa Soucy. They’re organized and tasty. Customers from all over lined up just to get a slice of the action. One man came all the way from Skowhegan for his dessert. “About 50 miles. Just for the pies and going right back home. Not stopping nowhere.”Frank’s was prepared for the crowd. They usually start prepping a month in advance for the pie craze. They even say Thanksgiving is really just a taste of what’s to come at Christmas. “I say, honey, just hang in there because this is just getting you prepared.”Frank’s has experience with the pie rush and they made sure to keep their shelves well stocked, but elsewhere they’re running out. “They were gone within a half hour of setup.”Sixty pies apparently weren’t enough for an annual bake sale that benefits cerebral palsy.Volunteer, Debra Perro, says the sale usually lasts two hours.”As soon as pies came in they were being purchased which is a wonderful thing.”Perro hung around just to let people know they ran out. Although she felt bad for customers, she was happy they were in such demand.”It’s not a bad thing. We appreciate the support of the community. To be coming each year to purchase pies and to support cerebral palsy.”It may create a hectic holiday, but i guess a sweet tooth is one thing everyone can be grateful for.