South Dakota Man Indicted In 4-year-old Bangor Murder 

It took more than four years, but now a man has been indicted for the murder of a homeless man in Bangor. Trevor Sprague’s body was discovered on fire underneath the Kenduskeag Stream bridge on Harlow street in Bangor on March 7th, 2006.25-year-old Kenneth Bruning of South Dakota has been indicted for the murder of Trevor Sprague.Police say Bruning is currently in a South Dakota jail facing several unrelated criminal charges, including drug charges. Two Bangor Police detectives have made trips to South Dakota investigating the case.Plice say Bruning was part of the transient community in Bangor back in 2006. Lieutenant Tim Reid of the Bangor police Department says they’re relieved this case has finally been solved. “This is a case we felt was definitely solveable and would be solved,” says Lt. Reid. “We were confident of that from the beginning when that was going to occur obviously nobody has a crystal ball but we were confident this would be solved.”Bangor Police are hoping the news of Bruning’s indictment will help the community rest a little easier. “There was a lot of anxiety in the community especially the homeless population during the time this occurred and a lot of that can hopefully be put to rest now with this,” Lt. Reid said.Trevor Sprague was originally from Lubec and was homeless in Bangor at the time of his murder. In 2006, TV-5 spoke with Sprague’s father, who said he was also sure whoever killed his son would be caught eventually. He said it would provide final closure for him. Police say they’ve notified the Sprague family about Bruning’s indictment.Police say once Bruning is returned to Maine, an affadavit will be filed outlining additional details in the case. However they’re unsure when that will happen.