Rival Wreath Companies Will Spar In Court 

Two rival wreath companies in Washington County are headed to court to settle a dispute over a Christmas tree design that one company accuses the other of copying.The attorney for the Worcester Wreath Company of Machias, Charles Gilbert, says the suit was filed earlier this week against David Whitney of Whitney Originals LLC in U.S. District Court in Bangor.Gilbert says the Worcester Wreath Company designed, patented, and marketed a specific mini Christmas tree back in the late 1990’s. According to Gilbert, Whitney Originals has since produced a mini tree he calls “confusingly similar” to the one his client owns the patent for.The suit claims unfair competition, trade dress infringement, patent infringement and some other infractions.James Haddow, the attorney for Whitney Originals, says his clients table top christmas tree is “sufficiently different” from the one produced by the Worcester Wreath Company.No court date has been set.