Restaurant to Offer Free Thanksgiving Meal 

A restaurant in Norridgewalk is doing its part to make sure local folks don’t go without a proper meal Thanksgiving day.Meghan Hayward has the story.” We have a free community Thanksgiving meal for anybody here or in surrounding areas.”This is the third year What’s for Supper in Norrdigewock will open its doors for the holiday.” We have a customer of ours that offers to pay for the meals, anonymously, and makes the donation.”Owner Laura Lorette says the restaurant can fit about 45 people per sitting.”Our first sitting is at noon and then one and two.”This meal doesn’t come without some struggles.”The hardest part for us is running the regular business and holiday orders and pie orders and fitting in all the extra prep work.”But Lorette says it’s all worth it.”People might come in and not know each other and they get to know each other.”She says the volunteers are a big part of the success.”I think most people are willing to help. They just don’t know what they can do to help and once they get a direction they’re more than willing.”They even get meals to folks who can’t make it out.”A lot of meals are being purchased to go into shuts-ins. We have a volunteer that will go and pick somebody up if they need transportation. We’re really trying to get out to as many people as possible.”One of Lorette’s favorite volunteers, her son Forrest, who will be helping serve the food on Thanksgiving.” I like to give to people and that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.”Lorette does ask that folks call to make reservations. The restaurant’s number is 634-2550