Maine Women’s Basketball Trying To Forget Loss to Central Connecticut State 

UMaine Women’s basketball is gearing up to host the Dead River Classic. The Thanksgiving weekend event will bring in Florida, South Alabama and the team that Maine will play on Friday, Navy.Maine was back on the court practicing this afternoon. They lost by 5 to Central Connecticut State last night. A win and they would have had the day off today. One of the problems last night was the lack of rebounding. The Blue Devils picked up 25 offensive rebounds. That’s one thing they worked on today. There were no classes, so why not practice.Tanna Ross – Maine Women’s Basketball”We wanted to win not to get a day off we wanted to win to win but we would have been happy to practice anyways.”Sam Wheeler – Maine Women’s Basketball”This is more of an opportunity to prepare for the Dead River Classic even with a win we would have wanted to practice because we have many things to work on.”Amber Smith – Maine Women’s Basketball”We know what we need to work on there were a couple of things last night that brought us down we had an overall good work ethic we tried but thats not enough.”