Salvation Army Extends Deadline for Holiday Help 

The Salvation Army is gearing up to help hundreds families in the Greater Bangor area this holiday – many who haven’t even asked for assistance yet. The organization is extending the application deadline for those in need this Christmas. Those applications will now be taken until December 6th.The process usually closes at the end of November but organizers say, so far, they’ve only received requests from a little over 100 families. Last year they helped 437 families. Captain Tim Clark says they know there are lots of people in the area who need presents and food and the Salvation Army wants to make sure all of them have a chance to ask for it.”Many of them are doing the best they can day-to-day but then Christmas gives an extra need that they have and it’s hard for them to fullfill those desires that the children have and the families have because they’re already just doing day-by-day. So this really is important to them, to feel like they’re able to provide things for their families.”Once the applications are turned in, gift requests from children will be written on a tag and placed on an Angel Tree at the Bangor Mall. Visitors can then pick a tag, buy a present and turn it over to the Salvation Army. If you need help this holiday or you’d like to offer help, you can contact the Bangor Salvation Army at 941-2990.