Red Cross Real Heroes: Robert Sanborn 

What are the odds of being a hero twice?Several years ago, Robert Sanborn became a hero when he pulled a baby out of a burning car in Texas.Last November, the Bucksport man was faced with a similar challenge.The choice he made saved not one but three lives.==========Robert Sanborn works nights as a truck driver. On November 6th of last year, he heading home on Route 15 when something caught the Bucksport man’s eye.”It looked like a brush fire out behind somebody’s house.” Says Sanborn. “So I just turned around to see if they needed any help.”Sanborn quickly realized that the Orrington house was on fire. He got out of his truck and ran to the door.”I just started banging on the door, trying to get people out. And finally, I don’t know how, but I got the door open. The fire captain says I kicked the door open.”At the same time, Sanborn was on the phone with a 911 operator.”When I first tried to go and hit that wall and that wall of smoke, I told the dispatcher I can’t breathe. I can’t get into the smoke. I’ve got asthma. And then, all that went out of my head when I saw them on the floor.”Two people…a man and his elderly mother, a few feet from the door, unable to get out and pleading for help.”I just went in, grabbed a hold of them and said, ‘cmon, you’re coming outside.”As Sanborn dragged the two victims out the door, another woman came bounding down the stairs, running past them to the outside.”She says I gotta get my bird, I gotta get my bird, and I told her there’s no way she’s going to go back in that house. I kept her from going in the house.” Sanborn placed the elderly woman on the ground about 10 feet near the door, relieved they were all safe. “And then the flash fire started and it seemed like a horror movie.”Sanborn says a huge fireball blew out the front door.”It spun me around and all I could see was the flames heading for the other lady…she caught fire, her clothes did.”Sanborn and the woman’s son patted the flames out. All three victims ended up going to the hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation.As for Sanborn…”I was fine. Lost a little hair, got a little sunburned (laughs).”A few days later, Sanborn stopped by the house again.”And I met the gentleman and his partner, and they thanked me, more than once.”Even though a year has passed since the fire, Sanborn says not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about what happened.”I haven’t forgotten the yells or the screams or the fireball or the look on the faces, just looking at me on the floor, you never forget it.”+++++In November, Robert Sanborn was presented with a Real Heros Award from the American Red Cross.