Preparing Your Car and Home For The Winter Season 

With winter just a couple of week away, the streets are clear right now, but when they become slick and the air gets cold, here are a few tips to keep it safe on the road and at home. Always remember, in snow and ice, drive nice. For your vehicle to drive properly on the road, make sure to keep a full tank of gas, warm up your car for at least five minutes, and check your battery levels. Also for maximum traction, snow tires are the way to go. Al Belanger, Owner of Tires Batteries Accessories in Bangor has some input. “We get a lot of people that come in and want an all season [tire] to do both, and its really hard to have an all season tire replace a snow tire. Snow tires in my opinion are still the way to go during the winter months.” If you are second guessing your tires, Al has a small trick to solve all of your questions. “If you put the penny in [the tire] and you see Lincoln’s head, its time to replace your tires. Or what I like to use, if your tires look like my head, its time to replace them.” Now that we have your car up and running, there still a few items you might need in the back of your care to play it safe. 1) -40 degree windshield wash fluid.2) Anti-freeze3) Emergency kit.4) Flashlight with extra batteries.5) Blanket6) Shovel Besides retooling your mode of transportation, your home might need a facelift for optimal comfort. Robert Williams, a Commercial Sales Specialist at Lowes tells us, “Most of the biggest problems that a lot of older homes have are drafts around windows, and doors. There are a full line of products to accent these problems and take care of them. Weather stripping to place around exterior doors is one of the best ways to prevent cold air coming in.” Additionally, fine tuning the exterior of your home for cracks and holes will help to shrink your heating bill. Mr. Williams adds, “Around the foundation where your floor system sits on your foundation walls, that perimeter should be insolated all the way around. The best would be Baton insulation. This all prevents the cold air from seeping in.”Another time consuming element maintaining your home is removing all of that snow. Using a snow blower is the easiest way to move snow, but if you have to use a shovel, use and ergonomic one. This will put less stress on your back. Also, doctors recommend that you should only shovel four inches of snow at a time because this will minimize strain on your heart. Finally, be cautious when using heaters. According to Mr. Williams, “Heaters should be kept away from combustible materials, and there is a warming label on each of those. If you use an electric blanket, make sure none of the cords are broken inside.” Though the snowy season does not officially arrive for a few more weeks, if the necessary steps are used you will be able to trump Old Man Winter.