Kids Wait in Line to Help Community 

Kids aren’t usually so cheerful about a school bus, but these students are excited to stuff this bus.They are all part of an effort headed by Eastern Maine Community College. The early education program at the school wants to help local food pantries during the holidays. “It’s about giving back and it’s about giving back as far as little children, adults, it’s everybody,” said EMCC student, David Mason. The program’s daycare center seemed like a perfect way to get a younger generation involved.”They get it because we’ve talked about it and they were so excited to put the food on the bus that it just made it all worthwhile.”About sixty kids brought food to fill the bus with before it is unloaded and delivered to families in time for Thanksgiving. The college hopes the event filled the kids with a desire to give back in the future.”It’s an experience that, as they grow up, they continue giving back. It’s going to make a better place.”It’s at least already made a better holiday for many.