Drinking Water Tests Positive for Lead 

You may want to have your tap water tested.The Bangor Water District found elevated levels of lead in the drinking water of some homes and buildings.They say the increase is only related to certain places with internal plumbing.The tests show results for “worst case scenario” homes where the plumbing wasn’t used for six to ten hours. The water district says families can take simple steps to prevent any illness.”It’s very easy. If you have a home that may contain lead just flush the water for 2-3 minutes, and anytime the morning is the best time and at the end of a work day or school day if no one has been home. Again, if the water has set for that 6-10 hour block of time is really the target time,” said Water Quality Manager, Dina Page.The water district didn’t find traces of lead in its main water source at Floods Pond, or in water delivered to homes and businesses. For more information, you can visit their site at