Bangor Police Dispatch Services Update 

Monday night city councilors got an update on plans to consolidate Bangor Police Dispatch services.The council gave the go-ahead last month to pursue combining the city’s dispatch with Penobscot County Regional Dispatch.The city pays for services from both of them right now.The goal is to save money while not sacrificing safety.Monday night, councilors heard from Interim City Manager Bob Farrar, about the last couple of meetings with county officials regarding the consolidation.Farrar said that he has met with officials from both Bangor and Penobscot County Dispatches and that they are working out the kinks of combining both centers.Officials are hoping the consolidation will be complete in late 2011, but no date is set in stone.A Bangor Police Dispatcher opposed to that idea can now work to try to overturn the council’s decision.The City Clerk tells us Jim Morrill was given the official paperwork to collect petition signatures from those opposed to combining dispatch services.Morrill has 30 business days, until January 4th, to get a little more than 2,200 signatures.If he’s successful, the issue will go to a city wide vote.