Wild Rice Stuffing 

1 cup wild rice1 cup chopped onions1 cup chopped celery1 cup dries currants (raisins if you like them better)1 cup chopped walnuts (if you want)2 cups of diced apples (drizzled in lemon juice to keep them from browning)Bag of seasoned bread stuffing (large or small depending on size of your bird, I use Pepperidge Farm)Chicken brothAdditional seasoning to your taste … extra garlic, basil, tarragon, salt, whatever, your call.Cook wild rice per instructions.Sauté onions and celery in olive oilIn a large bowl mix all of the above except the bread stuffing and chicken broth. You can prepare the currants by plumping them in bourbon or rum depending on your taste before adding to the mix. Depending on the size of your bird, mix in enough bread stuffing so that you have enough. All of the above has moisture in it so do not use the amount of liquid (chicken broth) called for on the bread stuffing bag. I like a drier stuffing, not pasty and wet. I let the stuffing set for a while and see how moist it gets all on its own, I then add chicken broth to moisten to my liking. Stuff the bird, chest cavity and neck and enjoy. I’ll be doing a moose sauerbraten this Thanksgiving so I won’t be making this!Recipe Submitted By:Bill Watkin