Possible Plea Deal In Works In Dedham Animal Abuse Case 

We have another update on an alleged animal abuse case in Dedham we first told you about last month. The owner of those seized animals is trying to get them back. Meanwhile, animal welfare agents and the district attorney’s office are at odds on whether or not she’s fit to have them back.Animal welfare officials say the horses rescued from a house on Bald Mountain Drive in Dedham, have gotten better. Christine Fraser, a state veterinarian with the Animal Welfare Program. “They’re doing well,” she says. “They’ve been given proper shelter and food and medical care and they’re all coming around and getting to be in healthy condition.”The animal welfare agents who seized six horses and at least two cats from owner Jean Marie Ahearn are outraged. They say a proposed plea deal is in the works between the district attorney and Ahearn’s lawyer that could send the animals right back where they came from. “There is some discussion between the D.A.’s office and the defense attorney.”Monday a judge in Ellsworth continued the case until next month. Ahearn was not in court, but some of the neighbors, like Pauline Allen who was one of the first to report the alleged abuse did show up. They still remember what life had been like for those animals. “I’ve seen them out in snowstorms, they had no place to get shelter. hot days they’re just out in that small pen, the horse flies are horrible in that area,” Allen says. “They don’t look like they have any water.”Animal welfare agents and and neighbors are concerned that after investing more than two years in this case, the horses will be returned to that environment as part of a plea bargain, without a hearing. “I think those people, they’ve lived with this situation for years as well, and I think everyone is at the point of frustration and we need to get our day in court on this case,” says Fraser. Pauline Allen says if Ahearn gets the horses back she’ll certainly be watching. “I live out there. If, for some reason, they do give the horses back to her, I will be watching and I will be reporting what I see.”