Verso Paper Mill Renewable Energy Project 

Move over fossil fuels, renewable energy is on the way for Bucksport’s largest employer.Meghan Hayward takes us to a groundbreaking at the Verso Paper Mill.The Verso Paper Mill in Bucksport is making history with it’s 40 million dollar renewable energy project.”Converting one of our large multi-fuel boilers into a boiler that will only burn biomass in the future.”This means the mill will convert from fossil fuels to renewable energy.”Benefits everybody all the way around. From the mill using a supplemental energy source from our raw material that we use to make paper.”A turbine will be brought in to utilize the excess steam capacity in one of their current boilers.Additional jobs will also come out of this.”This project internally will probably have a couple jobs that are generated handling the biomass potentially. But really it’s about construction jobs and the external support jobs. Estimates are that it will be between 50 and 100 supporting jobs outside of the mill and up to 200 jobs during construction.”Bucksport Town Manager Roger Raymond says the town is excited for the project.”We understand the magnitude of this project and the impact it’s going to have on this mill. We know how important this mill is to our region. It provides really good quality jobs for our citizens of Bucksport and of the region.”Those involved in the project say not many investments like this are being made in paper mills. “For me this is the biggest project that I’ve been associated with in my career, which is 25 years. But as a mill manager, this is just a high point in my career.”