EMMC Nurses File Complaint Against Hospital 

With a 3-day work stoppage to begin tomorrow, unionized nurses at Eastern Maine Medical Center have filed an unfair labor practice charge against the Bangor hospital.In a report filed with the National Labor Relations Board yesterday, nurses say the hospital has not provided them with the necessary information to effectively negotiate and reach a settlement.Nurses say in order to prove current staffing levels are inadequate, they want the hospital to provide them with some statistics. Numbers that show how many times a patient’s medication was either administered late, or not at all. Union nurses say the hospital has refused to provide that information. Officials at EMMC say that’s not the case.Vice President of Human Resources at the hospital Greg Howat says it was a union representative, not a nurse, who requested the information and the hospital wanted the nurses to clarify what information was being requested.The nurses also say the hospital has been in contact with an agency about getting replacement nurses as far back as March, before negotiations even began. The hospital says they wanted to prepared in the event of a work stoppage.