5-year-old Bangor Girl Rides to School In Style 

A 5-year-old Bangor girl is the envy of her entire kindergarten class today. Hailey Manzo got to ride to school in style this morning, on a fire engine crewed by firefighters from the Bangor Fire Department.This after Hailey’s mother and father entered their daughter in a free drawing at last month’s fire prevention open house at the Bangor Fire department.The engine picked Hailey up at her home around 8:00 this morning. The crew spent a few minutes getting to know her and gave her a few gifts from the bangor fire department. Then it was off to school.Hailey’s mother, Andreya Manzo, says her daughter was just a little bit excited for her big day. “She woke up bright and early,” says Andreya Manzo. “It was probably around 6:00 and she looked right out her window and she was like where’s the fire truck and where’s the dog that goes in the fire truck? And she was waiting for the sirens and she’s actually making the sirens too this morning. So it was pretty exciting.”The fire department didn’t take Hailey straight to school. She was taken on a little ride around town first but the fire department said they did get Hailey to school on time.