Prentiss & Carlisle make Big Acquisition 

A Bangor based forestry company is expanding into three more states. Prentiss and Carlisle has bought upland forestry which operates in New Hampshire, Vermont and New York.The deal adds nearly 270,000 acres to the 1.5 million acres Prentiss and Carlisle manages in six states and Quebec. “So it gives us geographical diversity,” says President Donald White. “The other thing it does it brings us some pretty talented people. We’re about, you know timberland is good, and buildings are nice, and pick-ups are nice, but we’re getting some pretty talented people and it’s really about the human resource.”White says it’s the second such acquisiton for Prentiss and Carlisle in the past five years. In 2005 they bought a Wisconsin-based company that allowed them to expand in Michigan and Wisconsin. Prentiss and Carlisle has been in business in Bangor since 1924.