Local Man Takes Up Knitting for Christmas 

An average Thursday for Ed Quinn means sitting by the fire in a circle of women.”They have to put up with me!”The women are actually part of a knitting club that visits Ed’s retirement home.”At night things are quiet here, so I wanted to find something to do.”So, he joined them. Now, four months later, he’s already knitting his second scarf for a great-grand daughter.”I have to get it done by Christmas if I can.”It doesn’t look like it will be a problem. he has the help of some tough critics who catch his mistakes. “Ohh, they rip it out and everything.” But Ed’s pretty confident he’s improved.”I’ll be teaching them next year.” His club tried to teach me a basic stitch. Ed wasn’t impressed.”I’m going to unravel that.” I wasn’t surprised. At eighty-nine years old, Ed’s seen and done quite a bit in his life. This includes his service during World War II, for which he was awarded a bronze medal.”World War II. I was in three combats, but then they dropped the bomb and that was the end of it. Thank god.” He lived and worked around the country before settling down with a family. Even with all he’s done, he never expected knitting to become a hobby.”No. My whole life I didn’t think I’d do this.”Things are certainly quieter now for Ed, but it doesn’t mean life is any less hectic. “I got daughters and grandkids and maybe all of them will want one.” “So you’re in demand?””For the rest of my life I’ll be making scarves.”Just one more accomplishment to tack on the list.