Local HS Football Teams Practicing on Turf Field at Husson 

It was a big football day at Husson University today. Both Stearns and Bangor practicing on the turf field to prepare for the turf at Fitzpatrick Stadium in Portland. It’s the first trip to the state final for the Minutemen since 1998 and this new experience of being in the state final takes some getting used to.Billy Eurich – Stearns Running Back”It’s all I’m thinking about is football. I’m trying to put away everything else, my girlfriend, school, everything. I just studying film, everything. It’s all about football, football.”Ethan Michaud – Stearns Wide Receiver”I’ve been thinking about it a:ll week. I can’t wait to just look up and see all my friends, my family, people I don’t even know. It’s gonna be sick.”Earlier today, the Bangor Rams practicing on this field as well. With less than 48 hours to go until the state final, the rams are eager to get back on the field.Dylan Morris – Bangor Captain”It’s hard to sleep, it’s hard to focus in school, we’re all really excited. It’s what we’ve been working hard for for the past whole year.”Nic Cota – Bangor Captain”It’s just a feeling that no one will ever forget especially whoever’s playing. The sidelines, and hopefully we’ll come out on top, we’ve been working hard and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t.”And a reminder, you can catch all three state finals from Fitzpatrick Stadium in Portland. Classes A, B, and C on TV Five starting at 11am this Saturday.