Judge Signs Off On State Loan For Hartland Tanning Company 

A state agency has agreed to loan Prime Tanning of Hartland more than half a million dollars to try and get the company back on its feet after they filed for bankruptcy this week.The Maine Rural Development Authority is loaning Prime Tanning $550,000. Lawyers for the tannery told a federal judge this morning the money will be used to pay down an existing debt to the tannery’s main supplier of hides, Tasman Industries, a Kentucky based company. Once the debt is paid down Tasman says they’ll resume shipping hides to Hartland.According to attorneys, Prime Tanning owes Tasman more than $700,000 and Tasman wanted a substantial portion of that paid before they would ship anymore hides to the Hartland facility. The judge signed off on the loan and within minutes, officials from Prime Tanning and the MSRA were transferring the funds.Prime Tanning owes the town of Hartland more than $220,000 in back property taxes and billing. The town has hired an attorney to represent them in Prime Tanning’s bankruptcy case.