Couple Frustrated with City’s Response to Sex Offender Restrictions 

Angela and Richard Hoy moved to Bangor about ten years ago.”It seems like a really nice place where you don’t always have to lock your doors.”They say that’s no longer the case. Last April, a registered sex offender moved in just two doors down from the Hoy’s. That’s when they found out there’s no city ordinance to restrict where offenders can live.”We were stunned because everybody knows sex offenders or child molesters can’t live near parks or schools.”Together, with their lawyer, they drafted an ordinance which follows state guidelines. “That is what our ordinance is mirrored on. A seven hundred and fifty foot radius around schools and parks where children congregate. It’s not retroactive. You can’t force anyone to move, but it does stop other sex offenders/child molesters from moving in and living near parks and schools.”The Hoy’s pitched it to the city in July. The draft received enough votes to reach the entire council in October, but that’s where it stopped.”About ten minutes before the meeting started, a city representative called Angela and our attorney and wanted us to make a change regarding residency that would have effectively watered it down to being ineffective.”No changes were made and councilors decided to postpone their final vote. “It was very unfortunate in my opinion that it was tabled. I think that we should have voted that night,” said Councilman, Cary Weston. Weston says the council still needs to set a new date to vote on the ordinance, but it could be in January.”At the moment, some councilors feel that they would like to have more information. It’s a very complex issue and they just don’t want to make an emotional decision. There’s many angles, like I said, from legal, residentially, personal.”Until that vote, the Hoy’s have their own preventative measures in place at home.”Things have really changed. We won’t let our children go to the park by themselves anymore. Absolutely not.”They hope the council can change that.