Inside Look at Drug Court Part Two 

An Adult Treatment Program in Washington County is helping folks turn their lives around.Monday night we went behind the scenes at drug court.Meghan Hayward now shares some success stories from the program.Several graduates of the program say they can’t thank drug court enough.They say it saved their lives.Bobbi-Sue Kierstead started using drugs and alcohol at a young age.Kierstead says it eventually led to stealing and landed her in jail.”While I was in jail, I heard a young woman that came in and she had been in drug court and was praising the program. Instead of going to prison, I decided I wanted to try drug court and that’s what I did.”Drug court is a program for non-violent folks who have alcohol and drug related issues.The program requires them to attend AA meetings and to meet with a counselor, case manager and judge on a regular basis.They’re also required to live in a sober environment and are subject to random testing.Kierstead says it was difficult at first, coming from jail and being in a sheltered environment, to being back in the community around the same friends.She says it was well worth the struggles.”Living my life again sober. Being able to spend time with my daughter and just simple things like watching her learn something for the first time or that type of stuff.”Kierstead says she’s taken valuable lessons away from her experience with drug court.”Honesty, I just see everything in a different way now and I really enjoy my life today.”Several folks go in to drug court with no hope.”I didn’t figure I was going to make it. I figured I would try it and it was well worth the try. I made it successfully.”They say it’s when they realize they can be a success story, they understand just how much they owe to drug court.”My relationship with my parents, my sister. Getting my life changed around. It’s so much better being clean and sober.”These graduates have had to make lifestyle changes.”I hang out with sober people and I try to support anybody I can.”Graduates of the program aren’t required to continue attending drug court, but several of them do.”I come so that people getting into drug court or that are in drug court can see that you can be sober, you can be fun and happy.””I see other people. I have friends that are in it that I would like to see make it.”Kierstead has these words of encouragement for folks in the situation she was once in.”If they’re ready and they’re willing, they’ll get what they need.”